The African policemen were brought with a car of Ascom Company

Two black policemen were brought on the night of 18th of November at Buicani Prosecution with a car of Ascom‘s company. They were aware who Stefan the Great is and, unlike the prosecutor Ion Ticu, they were not afraid of the camera. Ion Ticu is not a friend of the law, since for more than three weeks he refuses to execute a court order through which he is bound to return the assets taken from Bastovoi family.

All of this happened at the end of the working program, around 17 o’clock. They were expected by the prosecutor Ion ticu. In a few minutes Valentin Bastovoi arrived, accompanied by the firm’s lawyers, Constantin Tanase and Veaceslav Maximov.

The African policemen were not legitimated, the prosecutor stating that the fact that he knows them is more than enough.

The given reason of this unusual meeting appointed by the prosecutor Ion Ticu was the review for the Ugandan policemen of the testimonies previously given by Valentin Bastovoi. As the lawyers considered the repetition of the testimonies previously given and recorded in the minutes, as an unnecessary and unexpected by law act, the night turned into an exchange of lines which does not contribute to the smooth conduct of the investigation by any means.

The Africans and Stefan the Great

The citizens of color received protocol gifts from the Moldavian prosecutor. They opened the package which had the inscription “Prosecution” on it, right there, to see what was in it. Finding a card with Stefan the Great, one of the African policemen exclaimed: “Oh, Stefan the Great!” This detail shows the diverse culture of the African policemen. Even though it is very likely that the Ugandan citizens might have been previously driven around the city in the same car that brought them to the Prosecution and might have seen Stefan the Great.

The Africans, Ion Ticu and the camera

This meeting was immortalized with a camera. The African policemen have shown themselves as very open minded and smiling people, seeing nothing unusual in the fact of being photographed. They were surprised at the reaction of their Moldavian colleague, Ion Ticu, to the photographer. The prosecutor rushed to the device, covering it with the papers he had on him. His aggressive response slightly moderated when he saw the press card. The Ugandan were watching the scene puzzled, not understanding what was the prosecutor afraid of. Since they were talking among themselves in their own language, they were most probably laughing at the thought that the prosecutor has never seen a camera before, therefore he considers it dangerous.

The real reason why the prosecutor Ticu is afraid of photographers and light

Actually, Ticu prosecutor, the one who is afraid of the camera but is not afraid of breaking the law, had his reasons for this kind of reaction. First because he has started a trial against some honest people without having any evidence. He argued with judge Ion Morozan who decided the returnal of the assets that were taken in the search of the Bastovoi house. This means that Ion Ticu is making the law in Buicani, and in the entire country if he has to. Who knows, maybe he will even make it in Uganda? Nevertheless, Ticu doesn’t seem that great anymore. He appears to have quited his blind fight with the law and decided to return one of the computers taken from Bastovoi. This gesture will be taken into consideration in the following trial against prosecutor Ticu and his accomplices.

The one who orders the music, has to pay for it

From the prosecutor’s conduct there is not clear what has actually happened. The Ugandan policemen have come at his request or is this linked to an investigation started in Uganda. It is difficult to admit that the Ugandan state has paid for the trip and per diem of two policemen only to give them the opportunity of wandering around in Chisinau and seeing Ion Ticu. It is as hard to believe that the Ugandan state has rented the car of Ascom company for that purpose, company involved in Bastovoi’s case file. In the end who is the one paying for the night at Buicani prosecution? And who pays prosecutor Ticu, the poor havin to work overtime? Or can the Moldavian justice be compared to a gossip party: who orders the music has to pay for it?

The African policemen, brought with Ascom’s car, have left the prosecution by foot

Scared by the photographer, prosecutor Ticu has conjured them by anymeans not to give any of the pictures with him to the media. In his disturbance, he has decided that it was better for the Ugandan guests not to get back in the car that had brought them and has been waiting for them. So he advised his African colleagues to walk back slowly.

Mașinile companiei Ascom au numere de înmatriculare  C UN

Procurorul Ion Ticu speriat de aparatul foto.

Procurorul Ion Ticu acoperă obiectivul cu procesul verbal.

Pachetul cu daruri de la procuror (detaliu), vezi mai sus imaginea întreagă.